Dating Older Men


~You younger ladies might need to try this once.~

Pros & Cons of Dating a Older Man


+ Their life experiences are amazing to hear and has extensive knowledge of culture, music, and art-if youโ€™re into that.

+ They are emotionally stable usually and more settled. They tend to care about your needs and supply your wants simultaneously.

+ Most of them are either well off financially or have an awesome work ethic. They will take care of you without hesitation.


– They may not be as exciting as a younger man and tend to be set in their ways. Ladies, also note the fact that if you try to have a child with an older man…he may not be apt to do it because they already have children (adult children most of the time).

– They can be possessive and controlling. Thatโ€™s with any man but with older men itโ€™s much more likely. If they feel you have access to younger men then they may feel threatened.

– LOL. Take this with a grain of salt but an older manโ€™s sex drive may be weak. You and your honey may have to consider erection medications and so forth. They also have convenience & corner stores who have male enhancement pills. (F.Y.I.)

I plan to record a video about this so stay tuned!

๐Ÿ’•Peace and Blessings๐Ÿ’•


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