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Dating Younger Men (Pros & Cons)



In my older post, “Dating older men”, I wanted to touch base on my experience dating an older guy and what being with an older gentleman entails.

This time around I wanted to talk about dating a younger guy. I’ve dated two younger guys…at the end of this post I’ll tell you my true preference which may surprise you.

Keep an open mind ladies as you never control who you may fall in love with!


+ Younger men are down for whatever. They don’t mind doing “out-the-box” things and having crazy fun.  It’s exciting because they have their whole lives ahead of them.

+ YM aren’t bitter about life and relationships.  As opposed to an older man, a younger man isn’t tainted by the failures of life.

+ YM will keep you on your toes and will introduce some fresh ideas into your life.  Men in their youth usually still have a boyish-attitude so you will see this as a positive.

+ Their sex drive is completely and utterly great and they don’t mind being taught things in the bed. (Unless they’re cocky.)


–  Younger men have irresponsible ways, which will be to their detriment.  The mind games are plenty and they will play them its played out.

–  Younger men’s work ethic isn’t strong usually. Their financial stability isn’t there…but the problem with young men these days is that they think things should be handed to them.  Ummmmm NO!

– YM doesn’t have a sense of danger, which could land them into mess that will present long-term consequences.

– YM are most likely to break your heart with not knowing what they want.  If you are an older woman, you probably sense this and can level things out by keeping things into perspective.

**My preference is dating a man 3-5 years older.  That is right smack in the middle to eliminate confusion on where each other stand.  However, if you fall in love with someone who is willing to compromise you are in there like swimwear! lol**


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